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ALAN BESSEN, Optimization Leader and Innovator, Creator of QUARRY VISION™

patnerAlan is a process‐design, automation and performance optimization consultant with an extensive background in both large and small aggregates operations as well as in chemical – metallurgical stone production for steel, lime and cement use.  He has a Civil Engineering degree and more than 35 years of experience in the aggregates and mining industries. Alan has been independently providing services ranging from field evaluation of existing facilities to design and erection of processing plants since 1997.  He has been consistently successful in utilizing field measurement techniques to create dynamic process flow models specifically for optimization of aggregates plant performance. Alan is located near Lexington Kentucky and can be reached at



Optimization requires more than new equipment and systems. It also requires data that reflects your potential performance (what is possible to achieve with the equipment you have in place) AND new management perspectives and skills aligned with value stream management thinking and skills. BOTH ARE REQUIRED to achieve FULL OPTIMIZATION and PROFIT MAXIMIZATION!

To offer you the world’s best optimization system for your plant, we have partnered with Alan Bessen, an engineer and performance optimization consultant with extensive aggregates and mining experience. Alan is an expert in optimizing equipment performance within a plant value stream. As an optimization leader and innovator, Alan recognized a void in the equipment side of the optimization process and developed QUARRY VISION™ to fill that void. QUARRY VISION™ is the first real-time data “mirror” designed to reflect process potential and give management the information they need to achieve the best performance and highest possible profit while meeting all safety and regulatory requirements. Read more about Alan and the QUARRY VISION™ system at

Kay is a world leader in optimizing performance through people, specifically management teams in mining and downstream processing plants. Kay recognized a void in the people side of the optimization process and developed TRUTH, TRUST & TONS™, the first value stream management training and tactics program for management teams. In just a few weeks, management teams gain new perspectives, tools and skills designed to optimize performance and maximize profit. They learn that their perspectives and choices are directly linked to profit and that they can make different choices that will yield higher profit while meeting all safety and regulatory requirements.

WHEN ALAN AND KAY TEAM UP… you can expect equal attention given to equipment and people during the optimization process, a “balanced approach” not offered by other optimization consultants. Alan will work with your engineering and production people to gather and report system data that reveals hidden equipment capacity and unrecorded losses. These losses quantify your “earnings potential” (the gap between today’s performance and what is possible to achieve at your plants). Kay will show your management teams how to incorporate this data into their decision-making criteria and use it to make different choices that reduce their losses (which increases profit) and change the way people work together (which transforms the culture). Armed with new perspectives, data and choices, your management team will:

  • Only invest in new systems and equipment after existing asset capacities are known and reached.  
  • Understand the losses caused by “silos” between departments and remove their silos to make more money.
  • Unite to solve problems and manage projects and daily tasks differently because they understand the losses caused by old practices and the culture created by those practices.
  • Have the power to truly maximize profit and asset ROI, modify your culture and accelerate change…SIMULTANEOUSLY!

If you are interested in pursuing a holistic approach to optimization that has HUGE RETURNS, email Alan at or Kay at or call the numbers below. We will be happy to tell you more about what we do and how we would partner with management to make your company more profitable.    



ALAN: 502-542-1139 (cell)

KAY: 480-545-9095 (office) or 480-223-2230 (cell)



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