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Leaders are remembered for the problems they solve, the people they bring together to solve them, and the money that was made in the process. The greatest challenge for leaders is working within a management system that was NEVER DESIGNED to solve all of the problems that leaders face. Management teams have tools and tactics that address problems that cause lost production or higher costs. These same tools and tactics fail when it comes to culture and managing the entire value stream…

  • Traditional management thinking and practices follow the “vertical” chain-of-command flow of the organization chart. This vertical flow follows the delegation of authority but creates barriers and voids for leaders who are trying to solve problems that stretch “horizontally” across the organization. These barriers and voids create a culture that responds to these barriers and voids. Because management is not aware of this link to their culture, attempts to change the culture often fail. People do the best they can but are being held back by the invisible barriers and voids in the very system they operate in.
  • The bigger the disconnect between horizontal problems and vertical management thinking and practices, the more dysfunctional the culture becomes. Departments do not work together to solve problems or manage projects and hidden losses caused by this problem are never reported because the management system was not designed to do this. People know that things are too hard to do, but don’t understand the dynamics that are working against them behind the scenes.
  • There is a real cost to the “mismatch” between problems and the people that must work together DIFFERENTLY to solve them. When a management team does not have the insights or skills to manage “horizontally” across the value stream, companies lose millions of dollars and experience no change, slow change or unsustainable change.

It takes innovative thinking and management practices to “escape” the old way of managing people and solving problems. Leaders that connect people horizontally in the organization must operate from new perspectives and new choices that make the organization (not just the equipment) successful. This is where Innovative Leadership thinking and practices make the difference between good results and great results and create a culture capable of eliminating its hidden losses.

TRUTH, TRUST & TONS training and tactics were designed for one purpose… to unite people horizontally so they can manage with “big picture thinking” and measure success in a new way. In the first few hours of training, management teams understand what they have been missing (and what they really needed) to maximize profit for the past 100 years…

  • Management teams gain new perspectives about their role in value stream optimization, profit maximization and culture transformation. Once people see things a different way, real change can happen in a moment, not over months or years.
  • Executives and Managers learn how to create a 3rd set of numbers linked to profit potential and hidden losses caused by cultural weaknesses. For the first time, it will be possible to identify a second income stream tied to culture, not equipment.
  • Executives and Managers learn that some of their choices have an ROI attached, especially those choices related to value stream management issues and problems only management can fix.

Value Stream Management starts with Innovative Thinking that intentionally builds bridges between people across the value stream and increases profit FOR FREE! When Leaders develop a VISION for what’s missing in the organization and what is possible to change and achieve, unsolved problems between departments become solvable and everything is easier to do.

Value Stream Management training and tactics gives the company a SECOND INCOME STREAM linked to the management team and the culture. When Leaders develop a VALUE STREAM VISION, management’s question changes from “How much money can we make?” to “How much are WE willing to change to make it?” That choice has a huge ROI that has never been measured… until now!

 HOW GOOD would you be if your management team had value stream perspectives and skills?

HOW MUCH MONEY could your company make if there were no silos or mistrust in the culture?

WHAT IF you could eliminate hidden losses created by your culture and management choices?

NOW… for the very first time… YOU CAN FIND OUT!



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An odorless invisible element defined as a favorable set of circumstances in business. The only element with an infinite atomic number and weight. When discovered, it reacts with management strategies and corporate cultures to produce a desirable green substance found in financial institutions.