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Did you know that actual statistics and actual dollars represent the net of what happens in your business… products that were produced, revenue that was collected, dollars spent to produce a product, pay your people, fix a problem, etc.? Why is this important to consider? You measure your performance and your success based on “what happened” and compare it to your plan. Reaching your planned goal does not mean that you have achieved your best possible performance.

There is another level of performance that you should know about. EARNINGS POTENTIAL represents the TOTAL VALUE that your company is capable of producing, not what is reported on the general ledger as “actual” every month or year. Kay’s definition of PO·TEN·TIAL is “what could have happened… but didn’t.”

       Products that could have been produced… but weren’t.

       Dollars that could have been saved… but weren’t.

       Problems that could have been solved… but weren’t

EVERY COMPANY HAS UNTAPPED POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH. YOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is not designed to reveal your earnings potential, only the net AFTER hidden losses have been subtracted. This void in your data is a barrier to achieving your best performance. Why is this important?

  • Potential is missing from management‘s decision criteria about budgets, capital spending and goal setting, so questions that could be asked about “how much better could we be?” aren’t asked because the data is not available.There is no opportunity to compare budget to potential, which means that your team could set a goal that is not achievable. You could even approve expansion capital and not really need it OR you could place expansion capital in the wrong place.
  • Potential is missing from your conversations when you are problem solving, which means that solutions may not “chase” potential and the return on the solution you implement will be lower than it could be.
  • Potential is missing from your culture, so people tend to accept where they are today as the best they can do. They also fail to recognize that significant value is at risk when they interact in ways that trap potential profit in the culture.
  • Potential is missing from your change processes. This is especially important if you seek to optimize performance and maximize profit. Getting better is always good, but building on yesterday’s performance also means that you are building on results that includehidden losses. Optimization reaches for tomorrow’s potential. You must know the dollars you are missing so you can prioritize opportunities to chase them.


BILLIONS ARE LOST ANNUALLY due to the gap between the management system and potential because management teams are “in the dark” about what is possible to achieve. The process of “alignment” fills that gap:

  • Alignment adds potential to your management system.
  • Alignment increases the chance that you will meet or exceed budget.
  • Alignment makes optimization possible and sustainable.
  • With alignment, you ask different questions about the business, make different decisions, solve different problems and achieve different results.
  • Alignment shifts mindsets from “Can we meet budget?” to “How good can we be?” Without this shift in thinking, potential will remain out of reach and millions will be lost without your knowledge.

Value Stream Management Training aligns your organization with earnings potential. Alignment works for every company (regardless of product, service or size) because management systems are virtually the same everywhere – they have the same components, the same basic organizational structure and the SAME BARRIERS to accessing potential.

POTENTIAL is accessed and captured by the management team, which is why training on the alignment process is so important. Alignment is one of the skills that management teams learn in Value Stream Management training. This training is focused and designed for a specific purpose – to give you access to your FULL POTENTIAL and maximize profit and value for shareholders. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT IN THE WORLD TODAY! It’s time to MINE YOUR POTENTIAL!


REMEMBER… Value Stream Management starts with Innovative Thinking that intentionally builds bridges between people across the value stream and increases profit FOR FREE!When Leaders develop a VISION for what’s missing in the organization and what is possible to change and achieve, unsolved problems between departments become solvable and everything is easier to do.

Value Stream Management training and tactics gives the company a SECOND INCOME STREAM linked to the management team and the culture. When Leaders develop a VALUE STREAM VISION, management’s question changes from “How much money can we make?” to “How much are WE willing to change to make it?” That choice has a huge ROI that has never been measured… until now! 


HOW GOOD would you be if your management team had value stream perspectives and skills?

HOW MUCH MONEY could your company make if there were no silos or mistrust in the culture?

WHAT IF you could eliminate hidden losses created by your culture and management choices? 

NOW… for the very first time… YOU CAN FIND OUT!



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An odorless invisible element defined as a favorable set of circumstances in business. The only element with an infinite atomic number and weight. When discovered, it reacts with management strategies and corporate cultures to produce a desirable green substance found in financial institutions.